Welcome to Eire Agri Haulage. We're flat out with the CB on! If you love Euro Truck Simulator or American Truck Simulator as much as we do, why not come and join us at Eire Agri Haulage. We reward you for the miles that you drive and are always keen to build up our network. Click the "Apply" button today to join the winning team, join Europe's Driving Force... join Eire Agri Haulage...

Please use the following application template when submitting your application.

Please ensure to check back regularly after submitting an application as we may require more information from you before we can process your application. If we do not get a response from you within 7 days, your application will be rejected.


We run fairly regular company convoy's on Truckers MP, Join our discord where you get a special role for joining the VTC & keep up to date with all company activity Also checkout our website, where you can buy Eire Agri Haulage Merchandise!

Useful Links:

Rewards Include:

Join our discord for more information

VTC Rules:

  1. 15+
  2. Must speak English/Understand English
  3. No Cheating (Money, XP etc.)
  4. Only log Real Miles (Under 100km/h), this category is the main focus of the VTC for world ranking. We do not participate in race miles rankings (TrucksBook)!
  5. Your performance will be reviewed on a quarterly basis, if you have not logged the monthly minimum or sufficient mileage within the last 3 month period you will be considered inactive and lose your place in the VTC. You cannot reapply to the VTC for a period of 3 months following dismissal due to inactivity
  1. Once you first join the VTC, you will be placed under a 3 month probationary period, during which you must log the monthly minimum mileage each month to retain your place in the VTC
  2. Please use the VTC paint scheme when participating in Company Convoy's
  3. Obey the rules of the road/Truckers MP
  4. If driving under the VTC name/paint scheme in other companies convoy's, please be respectful and obey that company's rules
  5. You can only rejoin the company twice
  6. Have The Craic!

Convoy Rules:

  1. Use VTC paint scheme
  2. Players with no trailer stay to the back of the convoy
  3. Players with a poor ping stay to the back of the convoy
  4. No Trolling

Break any of the above rules and you risk being removed from the company